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Sen is the main protagonist of the Knite comics. Sen was born and raised in an unmentioned city in China, where pollution ran rampant and smog blocked the stars from the sky. His mother left him when he was five, and he now lives with his father and stepmother. Sen's mother left him with his father at an early age, and in the comics he lived with his father and stepmother. Through school he had made friends with several other children who dreamed of stars, and they became the Knite Fliers. Kai tracked down and introduced himself to Sen one day on the school's roof, and though their relationship started off shaky, the two boys became great friends. Read more...
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Little Swallow wearing a flower coat flies here every spring. I ask the swallow, 'Why do you come?' The swallow replies, 'The spring here is the most... beautiful...'

—Chapter One, Knite

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