Knite: Chapter Two Bonus
Chapter 2 Bonus
Ch2 omake pg1
Released June 29, 2010[1]
Created by Wenqing Yan
Format(s) Online, in-print
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Knite: Chapter One Bonus
Knite: Chapter Three Bonus
Knite: Chapter Two is the second chapter of the webcomic Knite by Wenqing Yan.[1]


Sen and Kai are hanging out in the classroom. Because of info given to him by Ling, Kai would have known that Sen didn't do to school; yet he still asked him if he did. Sen questions Kai about this, to which he replies jokingly that "politicians are liars~". Like in the first bonus chapter, Sen smacks him in the face, this time with a book, telling him never to lie to him again.


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