Knite: Chapter Three
Chapter 3
Pg 9
Released January 15, 2011[1]
Created by Wenqing Yan
Format(s) Online, in-print
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Knite: Chapter Three is the third chapter of the comic Knite by Wenqing Yan.


Chapter three begins showing Zhen, a new fan-made antagonist, cutting down many of the Knite's kites, with a kite of his own. Kai proclaims him as a "daring" realist.

The next day, Sen and Ling go around to search for their fallen kites. Sen soon leaves for home to fix his kite, only salvaging one of his sparrow kites. Kai decides to research Zhen a bit more.

From the news on T.V. at Sen's apartment, we learn about an illegal chemical disposal in the river caused an outrage in their city, and that infertility rate is increasing. As Sen is fixing his kite, his stepmother comes in, laughing at his dreams and revealing that Sen is doing this for his mother to come back. Sen retorts with a remark regarding her "broken womb". Sen's stepmother, desperate to have a child, and angered, strangles Sen. This stops when Sen touches her womb which leads her to break down, muttering things about her nonexistant child.

Sen quickly leaves, but meets Kai on his way out. Kai notices the marks inflicted on his neck and becomes worried, but Sen quickly gets frustrated at Kai. Kai tries to get Sen to not release his kites due to the lightning storm and subsequent power outage going on, but Sen waves it off saying that with no light pollution, he can put a better show on for Min-Min. Kai completely sees through this and says to him that he's not actually doing it for Min, but for his mother. Having had enough, Sen immediately goes and punches Kai in the face. Kai leaves, signaling an end in their friendship.

Sen's stepmother begins singing a famous Chinese nursery rhyme. Sen reaches his release point, determined and angry that the rhyme mocks him, and states that he will find his own happiness. He lets out his kites, but they quickly fall. He drops to his knees on the rainy rooftop. Then, suddenly, the clouds clear to reveal a starry night sky. The last slide shows Sen reaching out to them.