Knite: Chapter One
Chapter 1
Ch1 pg34
Released January 20, 2010[1]
Created by Wenqing Yan
Format(s) Online, in-print
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Knite: Chapter One is the first chapter of the webcomic Knite by Wenqing Yan.[1]


This chapter of the comic was originally published online on the art website deviantART on January 20, 2010.[1] When 4th Dimension Entertainment picked the comic up in 2011, the company announced that chapter one and the next few consecutive chapters would eventually be compiled into a volume of comics. The original is still available online for free, and as per will of the publisher and creator it will stay that way even after publication.[2][3]


The story begins with Sen reciting the lines of song called Little Swallow on the roof of a building, only to be briefly interrupted by a boy approaching him. Sen ignores him, and continues to sing the second half, revealing the twisted moral in the song. He asks the boy who he is, to which he replies he's "just a spectator," and that he is also there to "deliver a message to Sen, the leader of the Knites,".

Sen is given a red envelope, which he immediately gives back when he learns the boy is the son of a politician. The boy explains to him he is doing this for his bedridden little sister Min, who wanted him to give Sen thanks for "bringing out the stars at night." He then finally introduces himself as Kai.[1]

By that point of the conversation, it is already night, and according to Sen, it's time for the show to begin. He starts flying his ten kites with Christmas lights attached, and soon all fellow Knite Fliers finish flying their kites as well. The small points of light create the look of stars, amazing Kai. While Kai watches in awe at the sight, Sen asks him how he found him. He tells him that he found a less-introverted Knite and was told by her to look for the flier of a swallow kite in order to find the founder/leader of Knites.[1]

When asked about going to school, Sen says he skips, and when Kai says his parents must be worried about his future, Sen replies that it isn't like his father has any expectations. This eventually leads to Kai asking about his mother. He replies that when he was five, his mother left him alone with his father "for a land with a starlit sky."[1]


The first chapter of the comic Knite was awarded a deviantART Daily Deviation on July 15, 2010.[1][4] It was featured by `NikiVandermosten.[1]

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