Knite: Chapter Four
Chapter 4
Knite ch4 pg 106 by knites-d4ukicz
Released April 5, 2012[1]
Created by Wenqing Yan
Format(s) Online, in-print
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Knite: Chapter Four is the fourth chapter of the webcomic Knite by Wenqing Yan.[1]


Chapter four begins at night, on top of an abandoned construction site. There, Kai pays an unexpected visit to Zhen, who is preparing to cut down the Knites' kites once more. After a conversation exposing the recent scandals Kai's father was involved in, Kai speaks with Zhen of the Knites and offers him a chance to meet the leader of the Knites in person.

One late afternoon in the classroom, Sen comes by and asks Ling if she's seen Kai, as he hasn't been answering his calls. She reveals to him that Kai had recently handed in the paperwork for a transfer of schools. Sen immediately goes out to find Kai and eventually does so, grabbing him by the collar in the process. He asks him about why he's transferring and wonders if it's because of the fight in the previous chapter. Kai laughs in response, and after fooling around for a bit with a now furious Sen, he explains how Sen and the Knites have actually been contributing to the pollution in the cities and that they have distanced themselves from the future they hope for. Sen responds by saying that he still has hope for the future and shares his story of when he saw the real stars one night. Sen asks for Kai's assistance in bringing back the stars with the Knites, but Kai declines the offer, saying he won't even be in the country the next day. He explains that due to the controversies regarding his father's involvement in the recent Yanjia Pesticide scandal, he now has to move to America. Sen tries to convince him that they can get the factories to shut down for a better future, but Kai counters it by telling him about the people in poverty and how the factories are their only hope for a future.

And with that, Kai goes on his way. As he's leaving, he tells Sen that he had prepared a "present" for him, but tells him not to go look for it, as "it will find [him]."


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