Fisheye Placebo is a web comic written and illustrated by Wenqing Yan.[1]

Concept Edit

Yan has stated that Fisheye Placebo will be about "information wars, hackers, and bad roommates..."[1] On the Manasvi concept art, it also says: "...this story takes place in a fictional 3rd World - 2nd World country that's wedged between Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Pakistan (and all those -stan countries), Mongolia, and India~ So yes, there will be lots of different ethnicities in the story."[2]

Chapters Edit

There is currently one complete chapter (Introduction) and a work-in-progress Chapter 0.


  • Released: March 17, 2013[3]
  • Format: Online

Chapter 0Edit

Part 1Edit

  • Released: April 13, 2013[4]
  • Format: Online

Part 2Edit

  • Released: June 22, 2013[5]
  • Format: Online

Part 3Edit

  • Released: August 13, 2013[6]
  • Format: Online

Part 4Edit

  • Released: September 16, 2013[7]
  • Format: Online

Title Edit

The author hasn't yet revealed any information about what the metaphorical meaning of the title is. She has only uncovered that "the technical term for 'Fisheye' refers to a type of lens used in photography to produce a wide angle view that also results in a rounded distortion of the image that gives of the same result as a 5 point perspective drawing. 'Placebo' refers to the medical term of a fake medicine that's used to trick the patient into thinking they are getting better, and the psychological effects of that false belief might actually make the patient heal. Hence the quote 'Through the distorted lens I found a cure.'"[1]

Background Edit

The idea for this comic was most certainly inspired by the incidents that happened around WikiLeaks in late 2010 because of its leak of war documents about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Beside this another source and inspiration are the numerous revolutions taking place in the Middle East, as well as the cyberwar with Anonymous and LulzSec.[citation needed]

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